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What are the Surebets?

Imagine if you could bet on both teams to win and get profit no matter the outcome?! This is now possible with OddStorm but in first place let me explain what is Sports Arbitrage.

Sports Arbitrage (Surebets)

Arbitrage is the well-known financial practice of taking advantage of a price differential between two markets. In the case of sports arbitrage, the “prices” are the odds, and the markets are two or more competing bookmakers. The situation occurs when both bookmakers have sufficiently high odds on each side of an event. You place a bet on both participants, covering all outcomes of the game, and are guaranteed a profit. Arbitrage situations happen thousands of times every day. Sports arbitrage betting on the internet has existed for almost a decade, and a lot of people have made (and still making) good money from it. It depends how much you bet but usually you get 10-20% profit from total amount. For example if you have 1000€ for betting you can make 100-200€ profit for month.


Arbitrage (surebet) example

For example England is playing against Russia. At a given time, England’s victory paid 5.4 at Bet365 and Russia’s victory paid 1.26 at Dafabet. I bet 150 Euros on England at Bet365 and 650 Euros on Russia at Dafabet. As Russia won, I got 819 Euros at Dafabet (650 x 1.26). Given that the two bets were 800 Euros, my profit was 19 Euros. That’s a 2.375% profit. But what if England had won? I would have been paid 810 Euros at Bet365 (150×5.4). Again, a profit.

How can I bet and get profit with Sports Arbitrage?

OddStorm have created a tool (service) to make it happen.
Their service analyzes a variety of bookmakers offers on all the sport events that are to take place in the nearest future and chooses surebets for you. Your main task is to simply bet on both teams and get profit no matter which team will win.

OddStorm Ltd. is a company made by highly motivated sport experts, developers and consultants. Their goal is to bring punters high quality unique services, betting experiences and support, and in doing this have become one of the best odds service on the internet.

Currently OddStorm is the fastest sports arbitrage delivery service and the only one who offers pre-match and in-play football arbitrages on their Web App and having also developed a Windows application (OddStorm InPlay application), both with the same functionality and speed. This way you can choose which one is more comfortable for use to you.

OddStorm collects odds on their own, without using third party providers. Their event matching system guarantees displaying almost all soccer tournaments, leagues and events matched against each bookmaker. They focus on football so that they can cover every major and minor league, with a dedicated team monitoring and working on the completeness of the coverage. Anyway, they have announced they will eventually add other sports in the future.

They also cover a high number of cross-market soccer surebets, middles and Polish middles. They currently offer 51 bookmakers for future events and 40 bookmakers for in-play arbitrage. Regarding periods, they cover 1st half, 2nd half, halftime and fulltime for in-play arbitrage. They only cover fulltime for prematch.

The refresh rate for In-Play on the Windows InPlay application and on their Web application is only 1-3 second and 15 seconds for PreMatch, but can be set to greater values according to each user’s preferences.

OddStorm Live App supports auto navigation that leads you straight to the betting event page with a single click. All you have to do is enter the amount and click “bet”. This makes it perfect for beginners who find it hard to navigate manually to the betting event.
OddStorm have also developed a training program for sports arbitrage betting which is perfect for beginners and professional arbitrage bettors. It includes many video tutorials, actual examples and detailed explanation for everything you need to know for sports arbitrage betting.


They will introduce interesting features in next updates. OddStorm is working on a major upgrade which includes many other sports and useful filters. Support

Customer support can be contacted by email 24/7 and they provide a very quick response. The site also provides a live chat area for paying subscribers, visible to all visitors. Skype support is also available.




April 23, 2015, February 6, 2016