UEFA European U-21 Championship in Czech Republic – 17.06-30.06.2015

June 17, 2015 9:48 am

UEFA’s 2015 European Championship for players Under-21 is set to begin and since it’s already 17th of June, now we are heading to the first game as all 8 participants are aiming to reach the final match – on 30th of June. This is the 20th edition of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, which is a biennial football competition and after the qualifying, now we are ready for the finals of the tournament as the host nation for 2015 is the Czech Republic.
Two years after the Spanish triumph in Israel, now the four time winners of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship are not traveling for Czech Republic, as they were stopped by Serbia in the play-offs, which means that we surely will have a new crowned champion and all 8 teams are hoping to lift the trophy at “Eden Arena” in Czech capital city Prague, where the tournament will start as well – with the opening game between Czech Republic and Denmark on 17th of June, 18:00 local time (Central European Time).
Fact that the Spaniards are not here is even greater boost for all nations and we have plenty of quality young squads with some very experienced for their age names, as for example in the German squad we can find the Champions League winner with his club Barcelona Marc-André ter Stegen, but he’s not the only youngster who is set to shine here. Some of the other impressive names here are of Max Meyer, Viktor Fischer, Vaclav Kadlec, Kevin Volland, Harry Kane, Milos Jojic, Danny Ings, John Stones, Domenico Berardi, William Carvalho and many others.
Serious amount of well known names for the football followers from all over the world, 8 teams who are thirsty for glory, 4 beautiful venues in three hosts cities and 6 top quality refereeing teams are some of the facts, which will be helpful for you to know and we definitely expect one great tournament here.

Host cities and stadiums of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship

Here are all the three host cities and the different stadiums for the UEFA European Under-21 Championship in Czech Republic:

– Eden Arena (capacity 20, 800) in Prague

– Generali Arena (capacity 19,784) in Prague

– Andrův stadion (capacity 12, 566) in Olomouc.

– Stadion Miroslava Valenty (capacity 8, 121) in Uherské Hradiště

Referees of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship 2015

Clément Turpin from France (assistants: Frédéric Cano, Nicolas Danos)

Anastasios Sidiropoulos from Greece (assistants: Damianos Efthymiadis, Polychronis Kostaras)

Danny Makkelie from Netherlands (assistants: Mario Diks, Hessel Steegstra)

Szymon Marciniak from Poland (assistants: Tomasz Listkiewicz, Paweł Sokolnicki)

Sergei Karasev from Russia (assistants: Anton Averyanov, Tikhon Kalugin)

Javier Estrada Fernandez from Spain (assistants: Miguel Martínez Munuera, Teodoro Sobrino Magán)

UEFA European Under-21 Championship 2015: Groups, fixtures and schedule


Group A:

Czech Republic

17.06.2015 18:00 Czech Republic vs Denmark – Eden Arena, Prague
17.06.2015 20:45 Germany vs Serbia – Generali Arena, Prague20.06.2015 18:00 Serbia vs Czech Republic – Eden Arena, Prague
20.06.2015 20:45 Germany vs Denmark – Generali Arena, Prague23.06.2015 20:45 Czech Republic vs Germany – Eden Arena, Prague
23.06.2015 20:45 Denmark vs Serbia – Generali Arena, Prague

Group B:


18.06.2015 18:00 Italy vs Sweden – Andrův stadion, Olomouc
18.06.2015 20:45 England vs Portugal – Stadion Miroslava Valenty, Uherské Hradiště21.06.2015 18:00 Sweden vs England – Andrův stadion, Olomouc
21.06.2015 20:45 Italy vs Portugal – Stadion Miroslava Valenty, Uherské Hradiště24.06.2015 20:45 England vs Italy – Andrův stadion, Olomouc
24.06.2015 20:45 Portugal vs Sweden – Stadion Miroslava Valenty, Uherské Hradiště


* All times are in CET (local time)
** Top two sides qualify for the semi-finals, while it’s possible the third placed teams to play an Olympic play-off (depends from England – if they qualify for the 1/2 finals, Olympic play-off will be played)
*** Semi-finals are on 27th of June, while the Final match is on 30th of June and it will be hosted by “Eden Arena” in Prague, while the semi-finals are in Olomouc, and on “Generali Arena” in Prague.

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